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Viewing your Guest List

View all confirmed and checked in reservations in your Guest list, on the Availability Grid. Guest List While on the Unit Availability grid, click the chrome button Guest List. This will produce a list of reservations that are due to Check in today, and also current checked in reservations. Guest List Display The Guest List displays for […]

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Inventory Management – Managing Online Availability

RezExpert allows you to fully manage your properties online availability by decreasing or increasing the number of available units that can be booked online. Withholding a number of units from the online interface allows for maximum availability to be booked by the console operators, this will also reduce any occurrences of booking conflicts occurring. 1. Inventory Manager Access the […]

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Extending a Reservation

Guests may wish to extend their length of stay. Available for checked in reservations and future reservations. 1. Select Reservation Select the reservation from the Availability Grid and open the Guest Folio. 2. Booking Details In the Booking Details panel,click on Check Out date to change the departure day. Click on the new Departure date within the […]

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Date Footer

Quick navigation tool to quick jump to a particular month. Useful tool for refreshing the grid for the entire time period. 1. Location Date Footer is located at the bottom of the Availability Grid.  NOTE: Holding the Ctrl Key on your keyboard and using your mouse roller will cause any screen to Zoom in or Out, […]

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Business Information

This screen is used to enter a new business into the system.   The business information entered in this setup screen is what is used on reports and displays on the RezRobot. 1 Action Buttons • Click the Add button to add a new Business • Click the Cancel button to cancel any unsaved changes […]

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Creating Seasons

The Season Setup allows you to configure your seasons for the business. Theuser will be able to Add/Edit/Remove the Business and Season open and                         closed dates. 2 Action Buttons • Click the Add button to add a new Business or Season setting • […]

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How to setup Time Periods

Time periods define the times that may be             booked for a set rate. The time period of “Day(s)” defines the rate that will be charged for each single day. Any time period you wish to charge can be configured, for example, Day(s), Week(s), Month(s), Quarterly, Half Yearly and full […]

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Settting up Taxes

Configure all taxes used in your business, including           inclusive and advanced taxes. Use this form to add, edit, and delete tax types. All specific tax percentages are edited within the Tax Setup form in the Value % field on the Tax Setup form. It also allows the user to set […]

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Setting up accepted Payment Types/Methods

1 Payment Type Setup      This form is used to add/edit Payment Types used in the system. For example : Cash, Visa, etc. 2 Product/GL Number Setup This form is used to assign/edit GL Numbers to the products of the business whether it is a revenue or expense product. This form also allows the […]

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Occupant Types

1 Occupant Setup     The Occupant Setup form is used to enter the types of occupants a unit can accommodate. Occupants can be people, pets, boat, trailers, etc. The occupant types are then associated to a Unit Type in the Unit Type setup form.

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