Monthly Archives: November 2014

Rates Incorrect for Days Selected

If a reservation falls over a season change, check Rate Setup for the selected dates. An “E” may need to be put in the ‘Weekly’ time period 6 days prior to the season change (6 days prior to the first day of the new season). Incorrect rates – enter in correct rates in the required […]

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Added Products Not Appearing on Reservation Summary

When processing through the Product sale, the Payment type “Guest Folio Transfer” was not selected. Press End of Day from the Menu Bar, and select Staff End of Shift, scroll to Point of Sale Activity panel and search for the sale. If the client’s name/transaction does appear in the POS Activity panel, then the sale […]

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Units Not In Custom View Tabs

Newly created units need to be set to display in custom view tabs.   Press Utilities button – View Setup Select View tab either: Untick the Unit Type and retick on. This will capture all units (old and new) for that Unit Type. Scroll down the Unit list and tick on newly created units.

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How do I refund a payment – non processor

To refund a payment a user can: 1)     Put through a negative payment.   (N.B once the deposit has not converted for Cash Businesses) 2)    Click on the “Chg” hyperlink and reverse the payment –   N.B   if the Chg is associated with a deposit converted which can include multiple payments, this will reverse the […]

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