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How to Add Units to an Unit Type

Go to Setup – Business Setup – #7 Unit Types > Units > Features Under the Unit Type setup, to the left of the screen, select the Unit Type label you wish to edit In the middle column of the screen on the Location row under the count field, enter the number of units you wish […]

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How do I block inventory from online bookings?

To block Inventory from the web on the Availability Grid: Highlight a grid on the selected unit you wish to block. A till tape will appear asking if you wish to create a pencil-in, click on Go In the pencil-in creation panel select the option for Maintenance Booking and click the box for lock, click Submit.

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How do I set up a Weekend Rate?

Go to Setup – Business Setup – #3 Time Period – Weekend Setup/Weekday Setup Under Weekend/Weekday Setup: Select the days which count as Weekend Days under the Label From here proceed to Setup – Pricing and Rates – #3 Rate Setup Under the Day Type column you will find the label for Weekend, set the […]

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Creating an Owner Contract

When you have Units in your business that are owned by investors and you share Revenue each month with the owner, this module will enable you to manage these Owners and produce End of Month Statements, showing all revenue sharing from reservations and any Management expenses/fees. NOTE: This module is available for a small monthly […]

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