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How do I clean up my Client Database?

Multiple Client Records can be result for a single client when an operator doesnt Search for the Client, and instead selects New Client. Click Admin from the Menu Bar, expand Administrative and select 9. Client Manager. Select the Other Duplicates tab, and all the Duplicates will display to either Merge or Delete.

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I want to know the number of Occupants staying today

A quick way to view the Number of Occupants staying today: Click Guest List from the Availability Grid. The Guest List drop down will list the total number of occupants staying today. If you require a breakdown of the number of Occupant Types i.e. how many adults, how many children. Click on the In/Out from the Availability Grid. Change to the General tab […]

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What does the Rez Pending number mean?

On the top left of the Availability Grid is the Rez Pending, indicating the current number of Pending Reservations. A Pending Reservation is when NO payment has been made when a Deposit has been requested. These reservations will display as Red (default No Depost Paid colour) on the Availability Grid. Clicking on the Rez Pending icon […]

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What do the symbols on the reservations mean?

Each reservation will have a symbol prior to the client's name. These can help you identify the different statuses of the reservations, particularly when you use Custom Alerts. # – Reservation is not assigned to any specific unit #. *– Reservation has been Checked in (Checked out reservation will also display this reservation) No Symbol – Reservation is […]

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