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How do we indicate Units with special information?

We have some units that have limitations on whom can rent that unit i.e. No pets. Is there a way that we can flag these specific units? There are multiple options to flag specific units for staff: Unit Alerts Unit Description Information View tabs. Setup Information: 1 – Unit Alerts: Create an Alert to change the […]

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Easily handle your Monthly Electricity Rebate

How to handle the Monthly Electricity Rebate with Billing Policies. There are multiple options on how to handle applying the monthly Electricity Rebates for your Long Term/Permanent pension residents: – Individually processing through Sale Products to each Guest Folio. When you have many clients who receive the rebate, this option can be quite time consuming. Easier […]

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Adjusting the label of the Meter Reading Fee

Any Meter (Electricity/Water/Gas etc) that has a Standing Charge attached will display, on the Invoice/Statement, as "Meter Fee". To adjust this to a custom label i.e. Electricity Service Charge: Click Setup > Business Setup > 11. Meters Select the Meter In the Standing Charge box, enter in the new label into the Standing Charge Description. […]

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Quickly Move a Reservation on the Availability Grid

There are multiple ways to quicklty move a reservation – change the Unit/Site #: Select the reservation on the Availability Grid ?- On the Till Tape, click on the Unit hyperlink. If the reservation is unassigned, hyperlink will display Unassigned – Assign. If the reservation is assigned, hyperlink will display {Unit#} – Move. ?- After clicking […]

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