Monthly Archives: May 2016

Error Paying Rent

FAQ – Received an error “Cannot Overpay Reservation” while trying to pay rent that is displaying in a Permanent Resident’s Guest Folio. 1. Error Message If you receive the error  ‘Cannot Overpay Reservation – You are trying to enter an amount that will overpay your reservation which is not allowed‘, the following steps will help […]

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Viewing Notes & Tasks

Client Task/Note List in RezExpert will allow managers and staff to view the created Tasks and Notes for Units and Clients. 1. Adminstrative To view all the Notes and Tasks, click Admin from the Menu Bar. Expand Adminstrative and select 12. Client Task/Note List. This will display both Client and Unit Tasks and Notes. 2. Search Parameters Date […]

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Adding Notes and/or Tasks

RezExpert allows you to create and assign unlimited amounts of Notes and Tasks to a Client, Employee or Unit Type. Staff will be able to assign and track notes, whether it is the manager assigned a task to an employee or for Housekeeping/Maintenance purposes. NOTE: This is an additional RezExpert Module. To enable, please call your […]

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