Adding a Booking/Credit Card Fee to a Reservation

I want to add a Booking ( or Credit Card) fee to a Reservation:

  • Manually Applied to Reservation – Fixed Flat Rate or Percentage:
    – Click Setup > Pricing and Rates > 5. Discounts
    – Click Add
    – Enter in the Label – Name
    – Enter in the Flat Rate or Percentage as a Positive.

The Fee can be selected from the Discount drop down to apply to the reservation. 

  • Manuallly Applied to Reservation – Different amounts per reservation:
    Creating the Fee as a Product will allow you to apply the amount to the reservation when required.
    – Click Setup > Business Setup > 9. Products and Services
    – Click Add
    – Enter in the Product Label – Name
    – Select Product Group 
    – Select Gl Type: Revenue
    Press Submit to confirm.


    The Fee is now available to be applied to a reservation using the POS Sale button and payment type: Guest Folio Transfer.

  • Automatically applied to ALL Reservation: 
    – Click Setup > Business Setup > 8. Unit Type Policy Editor
    Select the Rez Fee tab
    – Click Add
    – Enter in the Label – Name
    – Enter in the Rez Fees (Flat Amount or Percentage)


    The Fee will be applied to ALL reservations created.

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