Adding Notes and/or Tasks

RezExpert allows you to create and assign unlimited amounts of Notes and Tasks to a Client, Employee or Unit Type. Staff will be able to assign and track notes, whether it is the manager assigned a task to an employee or for Housekeeping/Maintenance purposes.

NOTE: This is an additional RezExpert Module. To enable, please call your Support Tech at DigitalRez.

1. Unit Tasks/Notes – To add in a Task/Note to an Unit:
Click on the Unit label on the Availability Grid.
The Upcoming Booking & Pencil In box will appear, click on the Tasks/Notes button.
The Tasks/Notes for the selected unit will display – click Add.

Select Note or Task from the drop down selection.
Task: Time, Priority and Category can be selected.

Assign to a specific Department or Employee if required.
Status: Once the task has been created, the Status will become Active.
Press Submit to finalise.

Once a note or task has been created, staff members can click on the Tasks/Notes link to view the Note.

Once a task has been created, additional notes can be added to the task if required.
When a task has been completed by the employee, the Status an be changed to Complete, if required.

notesand tasksunit

2. Client Tasks/Notes – To add a Task or Notes to a selected Client’s reservation.
Click on the reservation on the Availability Grid.
In the Till Tape, you will see a Tasks/Notes link.
View/Add: Click to add Tasks/Notes.
Once a task or a note has been added to a client’s reservation, this will stay with the client on all of their reservations.