RezExpert – Analytics Panel

A new Analytics panel has been introduced, providing users with data on Percentage Occupancy across multiple Unit Types through charts.
You can choose to how the chart will display (Line, Column and Chart) over the selected Time Period and Unit Types.

1. Location in RezExpert
The Analytics Panel can be found by clicking Home from the Bread Crumb below the Menu Bar.
Scroll down the page and expand the Analytics panel.

2. Dashboard Options
The Dashboard Options allows the operator to select the data to be represented in the chart.

Pick Stat Type: Select the Statistic type to report on.
Pick Chart Type: Select the Chart Design
Pick Chart Options: Select the chart options for the selected Chart Type design.
– Drill Down will allow you to view the individual days' % within a selected month.
– Labels will display the % figure.
– Legend will display the colour legend, to help identify the Chart Unit Type colours.

Pick Year: Select the desired year. A comparsion of two years can also be accomplished by selecting two different years.
Pick Unit Type: Select the desired Unit Type(s) to report on.  All Unit Types will display if currently Open or Closed.

After the selections have been made, click Add Chart to view.

Chart Options

3. Analytics Chart
After clicking Add Chart, the chart will display for your review.
1 Print or Download the Chart. Download Options – PNG or JPEG image, PDF Document or SVG vector image.

2 Load Options – allows you to create more charts.

3 Remove Chart