Cancelling a Reservation

Cancelling a future reservation for No Shows, Correction, Cancellation and Resort Shut Down.

1. Select Reservation

Select the Reservation from the Availability Grid.
Open Guest Folio of reservation.


2. Booking Details

In the Booking Details panel, select Status
Within the Rez Status Options box, select Cancel Rez.


3. Reservation Cancellation

Select the cancellation policy, if applicable.
For no refund – click No Refund button.
For refunds – Enter in any cancellation penalties, if applicable.
For any charges that are not to be reversed for the refund, deselect from Charges to Reserve.
Select the Cancellation Reason – No Shows, Correction, Cancellation, and Resort Shut Down.
Enter in any related Cancellation Comments.


4. Refunds

Selecting a cancellation policy and entering in any cancellation penalties will adjust the amount to refund.
Select the refund Payment Type, click Post to post the refund amount. Press Submit to finalise the cancellation.