Creating a Custom Check-In Form

The System Label Manager will allow you to create your own Check In Form, or other custom forms, utilising the Wildcard drop down selection, and Client Image Library.

  1. System Label Manager
    Click Admin from the Menu Bar, expand out Administrative and select 3. System Label Manager.
    The System Label Manager panel will allow you to edit Email bodies, and create your own Single Reservation Reports.
    To create your custom Check-In Form, click on the + symbol next to Report and select Single Reservation.
  2. Add and Edit
    Click Add.
    Label: Enter in a name for the Single Reservation Report, to allow your staff to identify the report/form within the Print Selector box.
    Click Edit to create the custom form.
  3. Content Editor
    The Content Editor box will appear. This box will allow you to create the custom form, as well as available for future editing, if required. Create your custom Check-In Form in the Content Editor box.
    Wildcards: All selected wildcards will display in the Wildcard dropdown, available for selection. If more wildcards are required, the System Label Setup panel (Setup >Admin/Accounting > 5. System Label Setup) will allow you to add more wildcards for selection.
    Any Custom Fields created will automatically display in the Wildcard dropdown selection.
  4. Adding Images
    The Business Confirmation Logo and all uploaded Client Images are available to display on the Check-In Form.
    If an image is required to display, for example image of the guest (Pet; Staff Employee/Guest), highlight the URL displaying under the Default Client Image and press Ctrl+C to copy the URL address.
    Click on the image box and paste (right click – paste) the URL address into the URL address field.
    NOTE: For Client Images: The Preview will display “broken”, this is because there is no client associated at this stage. The Image will display in the report if the client has an image uploaded when their reservation has been selected.
    Press Accept to finalise the custom Single Reservation report, and then Submit.
  5. Print Modesprintmodes
    After the Single Reservation report has been created, click on the box next to the Print Modes to select where you wish the report to be available to be printed from. Once enabled, the report will display in the Print Selector box, for those Print Modes, under the Label Name.
  6. Testing
    Test your Check-In form after you have created it, to ensure it is displaying how you wish.
    Click Test and enter in a reservation number for an upcoming reservation.
    Click Print and a preview will display allowing you to view the report,
    If you wish to make further edits, click Edit.