Creating Billing Policy Types

Create Billing Policy Types for your Permanent/Long Term reservations. This also allows you to create a specific Invoice Charge Label for the policy charge.

Click Setup from the Menu Bar, expand out Admin/Accounting and select 3. Billing Policy Type.
Alternatively, click on a Menu button, click on the Setup tab and select Billing Policy Type Setup.

  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter in the Label – name of the Billing Policy Type i.e. Weekly Rent.
  3. Select the required Policy Type – Property, Owner or Other.
    Property is used for Periodic Billing Rental policies;
    Owner is used for Owner Revenue Share policies;
    Other is used for miscellaneous policies i.e. Meter charges to AR Accounts;
  4. Member Type field is available to fill in if required for Other policy types.
  5. Enter in the Default Invoice Label i.e. Rent. This will display against all charges processed for the policy type.
  6. Select the Destination Account Type – Acct Receivable or Reservation. The Destination Account Type is the destination of the billing charge.
    Acct Receivable will send the charges to the policy’s selected AR Account.
    Reservation will send the charges to the policy’s selected Reservation.
    When Destination Account Type: Reservation has been selected, the Force Rez on Policy? flag will automatically enable.
  7. Enter in a Change Control comment and press Submit.

Once created, the Billing Policy Type will be available for selection when creating a Billing Policy for a guest/business/owner.

Click here to view the Setup Video