Creating Pencil Ins

Pencil-ins temporarily hold an Unit’s availability. A pencil in can be converted into a reservation at a later date. Maintenance pencil ins can also be created, making units requiring maintenance unavailable for booking. 

1. Dates

Select the Dates for the Pencil In by dragging the mouse across the dates.
Create Pencil In box will appear,
Click Go to create the Pencil In.



2. Pencil In Reservations

If you wish the Pencil In to be locked to the Unit #:
Click Locked? to Yes.

Enter in the Comments associated with the Pencil In – Client Name, Phone # etc.
Adjust the Open and Close Dates if required.
Press Submit to accept the Pencil In.


3. Maintenance Booking

These are automatically locked to the Unit #. 
Select the Maintenance radio button.
Enter in the Comments associated with the maintenance of the Unit # (Paint walls etc).


4. Converting a Pencil In

To convert a pencil in into a reservation: Click on the Pencil In within the Availability Grid.
Click Convert to convert into a reservation, and you will be directed to the Guest Folio to enter in Client Dates, and continue to Charges/Payments to process through any payment.
If the pencil in is no longer required, click Delete.