Creating Promotion Codes

Create Promo Codes for your different specials and promotions. Guests and operators can enter in the provided Promo code and automatically be offered the specific Promotion Rates/Special.
NOTE: This is a Paid Additional module. To enable, please contact DigitalRez.

1) Setup

Click Setup from the Menu Bar, expand Marketing Setup and select 3. Promo Code Setup.
Alternatively, click on the Menu button within a panel, click on the Setup tab and select Promo Code Setup within the Marketing Setup section.

2) Creating a Promo Code

Click Add.
Label: Enter in the name of the Promotion i.e. Winter Special.
Description: Enter in a brief description of the Promotion i.e. Winter 15% Discount.
Promo Code: Enter in the Promo Code – this is what the customers and operators will enter to receive the promotion special. Promo Codes can be letters, numbers, special characters and/or a combination of all i.e. WE#2
Rate Group: If the promotion rates have been entered into a Rate Group – select the appropriate rate group. If the promo code is a discount option, select Regular. 
Discount: If the promotion is a discount, select the Discount that is required. 
For Bookings Starting Between: Select the Date Range the promotion runs for i.e. all bookings arriving between 1st Oct to 30 Nov.
For Bookings Made Between: Select the Date Range for when the bookings can be made.
Max # it can be used: If the promotion is only available for a certain number of guests/bookings, select Restricted and enter in the max number of times it can be used. If the promotion is unlimited, leave on Unlimited.
Max # it can be used by a client: If a client can only use the promo code a certain number of times/bookings, select Restricted and enter in the max number it can be used. If the client can use the Promo codes more than once, leave on Unlimited.
Active: Tick on to make the Promo Code active.

3) Selected Unit Types

Select the Unit Types that the Promo Code is available for. 
Press Submit to finalise the Promo Code.

4) Promo Code Preferences

Once the Promo Code has been set up, it will display the Date Created on the top right for easy reference. 
To enable the Promo Codes to be accepted on Online Bookings, click Setup, expand Business Setup  and select 1. Business Info
Click on the Online Settings tab and enable the Show Promo Code Online flag. 

Promo Codes are available to be Exported out. 
Wildcard: Rez_Promo_Code