Employee Setup

Create individual logins to RezExpert for your Employees.

Each employee should have their own employee login into RezExpert.  All transactions completed by that employee will be recorded under their login.
Security Roles can be assigned to each employee depending on their role within the Business.

For example: Front Desk operators will have Front Desk Clerk Security Role assigned – they can go to the Availability Grid and make bookings but can not access RezExpert setup and make changes to the RezExpert settings.

  1. Click on a Menu button, select the Setup tab and click on Employee Setup.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter in the Employee’s Name and details.
    The email address needs to be unique between each employee login.  If an employee forgets their password, they can click on Click here to reset your password link on the login page.  An email will be sent to their email address to reset their password.
  4. Enter in an Username. This will be their login name.
  5. Select a Security Role that is most relevant to their role within the business.

Main Security Roles:
– Property Manager: Access to everywhere within RezExpert
– Owner/Manager: Access to everywhere within RezExpert
– Back Office Admin: Limited access to Availability Grid and Reports.
– Front Desk Clerk: Access to Availability Grid, End of Day and limited access to Reports.
RXC 10 Security Group needs to be selected.
– Security Role: Property Manager and Owner/Manager need to have the RXC 10 Security Group: Property Administrator.
– All other Security Roles: Front Desk Clerk etc. need to have the RXC 10 Security Group: No RXC 10 Access.

After entering in the employee information, press Submit to save the Employee Login.
All employees will display on the left.
If details need to be adjusted, click on the required employee displaying on the left to edit.

To assign a password:

  1. Click on the Employee’s name within the Employee List on the left
  2. Enter in a Change Control comment
  3. Click on the Reset Password link to enter in the password
  4. Press Submit to finalise.

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Click here to view the Setup Video