Enabling the Preference – Auto Assign Unit on Grid

A new option has been added which automatically assigns a unit/site when dragging on the Grid, and clicking on the Rez Quote button.

1. Enabling the Preference setting
To enable the Auto Assing Unit on Grid setting, click Setup from the Menu Bar.
Expand out the Business Setup and select 1. Business Info.
Click on the Preferences tab.

Tick on the Auto Assign Unit on Grid setting.



2. Making a Reservation
After the setting has been enabled, when an operator drags out a Reservation Quote on the Grid and presses Rez Quote, the unit selected will automatically be assigned to the reservation.

This will result in the operators being able to use both the Calendar Quote Submit button and the Rez Quote button to make a reservation and have the selected unit/site assigned to the reservation.
Operators can still reassign/unassign the reservation in the future, if required.