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RezExpert – Frequently Asked Questions

Error Paying Rent

FAQ – Received an error “Cannot Overpay Reservation” while trying to pay rent that is displaying in a Permanent Resident’s Guest Folio. 1. Error Message If you receive the error  ‘Cannot Overpay Reservation – You are trying to enter an amount that will overpay your reservation which is not allowed‘, the following steps will help […]

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What do the Time Out messages mean?

RezExpert has implemented session dialogs that will appear ONE minute before your session is about to end. 1 – RezRobot Session Dialog (Online Booking page) This dialog box will appear if a client takes too long to make an Online Booking. NOTE: This does not appear a minute before the session is to expire. 2 […]

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Wildcard Glossary

Wildcards are available to help customise your emails and reports. All Custom Fields created automatically have a Wildcard created. Alt_Confirmation_Number: Alternate Reservation Confirmation Number entered on Corporate; Travel Agent; Wholesaler ; Channel reservations. Alt_Grid_Label: Alternate Grid label listed in Reservation. Cancel_Amount: Reservation charges cancelled. Cancel_Comments: Comments entered into the Cancellation Comments box at time of […]

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How do we indicate Units with special information?

We have some units that have limitations on whom can rent that unit i.e. No pets. Is there a way that we can flag these specific units? There are multiple options to flag specific units for staff: Unit Alerts Unit Description Information View tabs. Setup Information: 1 – Unit Alerts: Create an Alert to change the […]

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