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Login to RezExpert

Before continuing RezExpert has been optimized for usage with Google Chrome, if you are not running on Google Chrome already, it’s suggested that you install Google Chrome before continuing. RezExpert is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Visiting the RezExpert site In Google Chrome click into the address bar. Once you've clicked into the address bar type […]

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Grid Views

Unit View Type View Unit View When the program is opened, the default view will be the 'All Units' grid as indicated by the highlighted Tab. Located at the top of the Accommodation Type Column, this lists out all Types, by the Unit Number, or Name they are assigned. Type View By clicking on the 'All […]

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Performing a Quote

Availability Calendar Tool Reservation Quote Button Availability Calendar Tool The Availability Calendar Tool is the primary quoting tool. It provides the operator a greater degree of flexibility when performing a quote. The Calendar Tool is located on the right hand side of the Chrome Bar Action Header Bar. This allows you to change many aspects […]

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Making a Reservation

From a Calendar Tool Quote From a Reservation Quote Entering Guest Details From a Calendar Tool Quote   After following the procedure for creating a Calendar Tool Quote and submitting the request, as previously described, you will have now created a new reservation. This is indicated by the screen now showing the Guest Folio Panel. […]

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Making a Payment

Credit Card Payment Cash / Other Payment Submitting the new booking from either, 'Rez Quote' or 'Calendar Tool' options will save the new booking to the grid, by default the process redirects you to the Credit Card Payment screen section on the Guest Folio tab to pay the account. The payment screen allows you to […]

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