How do I adjust the price of an existing reservation?

Once the reservation is created, the POS (Point Of Sale) would be used to make an adjustment to the reservation price by adding an offsetting product charge.


1)    Click on the Sale button from within the Guest Folio of the reservation or click on the POS button when the reservation is selected from the grid

2)    Select Reservation Products from the Select Product Group dropdown box
3)    Select the Unit Type that the reservation is for from the Select Product dropdown box

4)    Quantity would be the amount of day and price per Unit, the amount being adjust  e.g  If the default price is $50/day and it is to be calculated at $45/day the price per unit would be -5.   

5)    Select/De-select the appropriate tax(es) and click post next to Posted charges

6)    Select Guest Folio Transfer from the Select Payment Type dropdown box  (The total should auto-populate)

7)    Click Post next to Posted Payments and then click Submit