How to add a Credit to a Client’s Account

Click Account from the Menu Bar.
Go to Account Manager panel.
Search for the Client you wish to give the credit to.


a) If the client has a payment that is supposed to be applied as a credit to their account, click the PAYMENT button, select the payment type they paid through, and select the credit you’re giving to the client by entering the amount as a positive value. 

b) If the client is being given the credit due to an adjustment, click the Sale button and select the product the adjustment will be applied under.  This amount needs to be entered as a negative (-) value and payment type must be AR transfer.


c) When the reservation is being canceled and the deposits are to be kept as a credit, select AR Transfer as the payment type to send the deposit (less cancellation fee if applicable) to their account.  Note: Their customer's account must be already created for the AR Transfer payment type to be available