How to change a Reservation from one Person’s name to another name

How to change a Reservation from one person's name to another name:
– The Primary Client's name can not be deleted from the Guest Folio. There are two options to change the name within the Guest Folio.

  1. Cancel the Reservation and recreate the reservation under the second Client's name.
    – Select the reservation and press the Status box to cancel the reservation.
    (If a payment has been taken towards the reservation, refund the payment out using the Payment Type used
    – After the reservation has been cancelled, recreate the reservation on the same dates/unit type for the second Client.
    This will ensure that the new Client's name will appear on the Availability Grid and any Invoices/Receipts.
  2. Add a Second Client to the Guest Folio – this option will only record the second client's name on the Guest Folio. Original Client will still display on the Availability Grid and Invoices/Receipts.
    – Select the reservation and open the Guest Folio.
    – Within the Rez Details tab, click New Client (if second client is a new client) to enter in the Client's details or Client Search (if second client is a returning client) to search for the Client's details.
    – Press Submit to finalise.

NOTE: DO NOT delete out the first Client's details out of the Primary Client to enter in the second Client's details. This will result in the overwriting the first Client's details and file with the second Client's name – you will lose the first Client's file.