How to Change a Unit/Site from One Unit Type to Another

– If the unit/site did NOT have previous bookings on it:

  • Go to Setup > Business Setup > 7. Unit Types>Units>Features
  • Expand the Unit Setup panel
  • Expand the Unit Type Label tree list on the left and select the Unit to be changed
  • Under Unit Type, select the new Type.

– If the unit/site has already had a booking on it:

  • Go to Unit Type Setup> Select the Unit Type that the units will be moved to>
  • Add the number of units you will be adding to this New Unit Type
  • Go to Unit Setup> Select the new Unit Type Label for the units and label the new units accordingly with the same numbering/naming.

After this, move any current/future bookings to the newly placed Units under the new Type

  • Go to Unit Setup
  • Go to the old Units and Select the Decommissioned box to close those units on the grid.
  • You can also use the Sort button to sort that new unit/site order of appearance on your grid