How to create a Reservation Policy – additional fees in Bookings

  • Go to Setup > Business Setup > 8. Unit Type Policy Editor
  • Select the Rez Fee tab
  • Click Add
  • Enter in the name of the policy in Label
  • Set the Policy Applicability – when it applies, number of days before check in/after rez made date, date range and the length of reservations it would apply to
  • The Rez Fee determines how it would be calculated
    – Minimum: Defaults to this figure if a percentage would fall below it
    – Flat Fee: If the fee is a fixed rate i.e. $19.95 per booking
    – Flat Fee Time Period: Determines whether the Flat Fee will be a one time charge or a daily charge
    – Percentage: If the fee is a percentage, enter in the percentage value i.e. 10%
  • Tick on the Web Based Bookings box, if the policy applies only to RezRobot (Online) Bookings
  • Apply after Tax dicates if this fee is applied after tax calculations.