In case of an Internet Outage

When the Internet in your area is “out” or you have been advised of a scheduled temporary outage, your RezExpert system will not be available.
This is beyond RezExpert’s control, however there are some procedures you can follow to get access to RezExpert until your internet service returns.

  1. Different Location
    Log into RezExpert from a different location that currently has internet service, for example from Home or the other office.
  2. USB Modem
    Purchasing a USB Broadband Modem device (through a different Internet Provider than your main Provider) will allow you to turn on the Internet on your laptop.
  3. Smart Phone Hotspot
    Your iPhone or Android (Smart Phone) can be used as a Hotspot. If your Phone has internet, you will be able to either log on to RezExpert on your phone or set up a Hotspot to your laptop.
  4. DigitalRez Support Office
    DigitalRez will always help you in faxing over any reports you may require.

How to set up your iPhone Hotspot:
– Go to the Settings menu and tap on the Personal Hotspot menu item.
– In the Personal Hotspot menu, slide the Personal Hotspot option to On.
You’ll note that Apple has allocated the connection a Default Password which is shown on this screen too.
– On your Computer’s Wi-Fi menu, you should see your iPhone pop up in the list.
The Network Name is the name of your iPhone in iTunes – for example “Dan’s iPhone 4”.
– Once the network is selected and you’ve entered in the Default Password, given earlier, you will able to connect your tablet, laptop etc to the internet via your iPhone’s data plan.


How to set up your Android (Samsung) Hotspot:
– Tap on Applications.
– Go to Settings, Under the Connections tab, select More Networks.
– Go to Tethering and Portable Hotspot and drag on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
– To change Wi-Fi Hotspot setting, tap Configure.
– On the Network SSID Field box, input the required name.
– On the Security drop down list, select Network Security Settings (Open, WPA PSK, WPA2)
– Input password and tap Save.
– On your Computer’s Wi-Fi menu, locate and select the Device Name on the Network List.
– Input your Wi-Fi password, and tap Connect.