Inventory Management – Managing Online Availability

RezExpert allows you to fully manage your properties online availability by decreasing or increasing the number of available units that can be booked online.
Withholding a number of units from the online interface allows for maximum availability to be booked by the console operators, this will also reduce any occurrences of booking conflicts occurring.

1. Inventory Manager

Access the Inventory Manager by clicking Inventory from the Menu Bar.


2. Inventory Allocation

Click on an Unit Type to view the number of available units.
Date range is 21 days. Click on the Calendar to select a future date.
Two ways to adjust the available units:
1) Click Fill On the left calendar, select the From date; select the To date from the right calendar.
Enter in the # of Units to be held.
NB: You would not normally allow a unit to be overbooked, so only enter positive values.
Press Submit to finalise the change.
2) Enter the # of units to hold back in the Override column.
The Available # will adjust accordingly.




3. Conflicts

Any Over Booking conflicts will appear within the Inventory Allocation panel.
Click on the conflict to view the Override value.
Refer to Booking Conflicts Help PDF to solve Booking Conflicts.


Online Inventory Example
RezExpert allows you to fully manage your properties online availability by using the Fill (Manager Override) option to decrease the number of available units that can be booked online.

Withholding a number of units from the online interface will show that unit type as being sold out when confirmed bookings reach that limit but you will still have availability on the Console grid as per 1 & 2..

1. Online Interface

Online Availability is showing Zero in this example due to the Manager Override being active for that date range.


2. Console Grid

The console grid will ALWAYS show you the total remaining units including all Manager Overrides sites that are available to book.
If you select a unit that is held by a manager override , the system will display an error screen as per the example, simply select the Inventory Manager button and the Inventory screen will display & you can then decrease the manager override quantity to allow you to proceed with the reservation creation.


3. Inventory Manager

Select the Inventory Manager button . and the Inventory screen will display & you can then highlight the desired date range and decrease the manager override quantity to allow you to proceed with the reservation creation.


4. Utilities Button

To view the Blocked Inventory for a certain Unit Type on a certain  date; on the Availability Grid, click on the date on the Unit Type.
Click Utilities and Check or Review Blocked Inventory.
The Inventory Manager for that Unit Type will display, where the operator can release an unit for availability.


5. Adjusting Blocked Inventory

To increase or decrease the number of blocked units for a certain date, click on the Managers Override value and press the “+” to increase or “-” to release units.



Booking Conflicts

During busy times of the year, Online Reservations can result in Booking Conflicts.
Booking Conflicts occur when there is no one unit available for the whole reservation length.

1. Identifying Booking Conflicts

To monitor booking conflicts, on the Unit Grid View on the Availability Grid, click on each Unit Type displaying on the left.
A box labeled Booking Conflicts will display at the top of the grid.


2. Conflicts

If there is no Booking Conflicts for the selected Unit Type, the box will display No Conflicts Found.
If there are Booking Conflicts for the selected Unit Type, the reservation will display.



3. Resolving Booking Conflicts

To resolve a booking conflict, Unassign the Unit #s that have been assigned to the upcoming reservations. The system will shuffle around the Unassigned reservations to find the best availability for all reservations.


4. No Solution

If there is no solution to resolving the booking conflict, the reservation needs to be shortened.
Before pressing submit, after shortening, change to the Charges/Payments tab to Change the amount to be charged. Enter in the full amount for the length of stay. This will ensure that the correct amount is charged to the guest.
For the remaining day(s) of the reservation, place pencil ins on the available units. This will ensure that the units are not booked, and the operator knows where and when the guest will be relocating.