Login to RezExpert

Before continuing

RezExpert has been optimized for usage with Google Chrome, if you are not running on Google Chrome already, it’s suggested that you install Google Chrome before continuing. RezExpert is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Visiting the RezExpert site

In Google Chrome click into the address bar.

Once you've clicked into the address bar type https://online.rezexpert.com and press Enter/Return on your keyboard.

You will have arrived at the RezExpert log in page.

Using the Log In form

Once you have arrived at the log in page, you will be able to use the log in form to log in to your business.

Click into the User Name / Email field to enter in the user name provided to you.

Click into the Password field and enter in the password provided to you.

Click the Log In button to log into RezExpert.