Making a Reservation

  1. From a Calendar Tool Quote
  2. From a Reservation Quote
  3. Entering Guest Details

From a Calendar Tool Quote


After following the procedure for creating a Calendar Tool Quote and submitting the request, as previously described, you will have now created a new reservation. This is indicated by the screen now showing the Guest Folio Panel.




From a Reservation Quote


After following the procedure for creating a Reservation Quote Button quote, clicking on the New Booking Button the Guest Folio Panel will open.


Entering Guest Details


The very first question asked of the New Guest should be, “Have you ever stayed with us (or any of our affiliates) before?"

Get into a habit of asking the guest if they have; stayed with you before, booked online, or with an affiliate company, otherwise you will have multiple records of the same guest, which will artificially inflate marketing statistics.

If the answer is "Yes" click on the Search button in the Guest Folio-Action Header to open the Client Search screen. Enter all, or part of the guest details given, hit Enter or click the Search button.



Once you have selected the guest, you will be directed back to the Guest Folio Panel where the Guest’s details are now populating the fields. You can update any change to the Guest’s details if necessary then press Submit to save the booking to the grid. The Guest Folio panel will display on the Guest Folio Tab, to make a Payment.

If your guest is new, enter the new Guest’s details in the Client Name/Address form. Be sure to enter as much detail as you can, if the client does not have an email address then you can enter NA in the email field, you must also have a telephone number in its field. A single number will be enough to move on.

Update the New Booking details section by selecting the number of occupants. Press the Submit button, to create the reservation and save the new guest to the client database. The Guest Folio panel then displays to make a Payment.