Online Booking Credit Card Failure Handling

New Credit Card Failure Handling – Occasionally, clients experience difficulty in completing an online booking through no fault of their own, because of browser failures, internet drop-off, power outage or misunderstanding. RezExpert makes an effort to “fail on the side of caution” by pre-storing the client’s contact and reservation information prior to them posting the credit card details, which cannot be seen. This is accomplished by tying together normal background event logging performed by the system, sufficient to provide the information to assist property managers in connecting completed payments found in your credit card merchant audit screens.

Because the online booking interface accessed from your website requires the guest to update their contact information prior to posting the credit card and RezExpert stores a six-character Confirmation Number (e.g.: V4DA9T) with the tentative booking information, which is also sent to the CC processor for reference, merchants can easily tie disconnected payments to the proper reservation.

Property managers can also phone or email the prospective guest to determine their desire because contact information is now retained.  This can be done in the event that no payment is found on the CC service providers audit interface.

Employee Comments attached to these reservations will provide whatever information has been retained thereby aiding the property manager in determining whether a payment was completed.

Should it be determined that the prospective client had simply changed their mind and decided not to book, the reservation can be canceled in the standard way – no harm was done, but great follow-up service provided thanks to this new feature.


Clicking on the comments link will show all of the reservation information captured during the online reservation process before the failure occurred.