Performing a Quote

  1. Availability Calendar Tool
  2. Reservation Quote Button

Availability Calendar Tool

The Availability Calendar Tool is the primary quoting tool. It provides the operator a greater degree of flexibility when performing a quote. The Calendar Tool is located on the right hand side of the Chrome Bar Action Header Bar. This allows you to change many aspects of the reservation, such as:

  • Rate Group
  • Check-In and Check-Out dates
  • Add Discounts
  • Adjust the number of Occupants
  • Create Group Bookings
  • Displays how many units for all types that are available
  • Maximum amount of days available for extending the booking and more.

When the red and white date is clicked, a calendar will appear. Select a an arrival date and edit the number of nights for the stay. When you are ready, Press submit. The Booking Quote screen will be displayed.

You can see at a glance:

  • Accommodation Types available- an upgrade in the quote perhaps?
  • Group bookings created (Demo Restricted)
  • Maximum occupancy- a family of 10 will not suit a one bedroom basic cabin
  • Maximum availability extension- if the guest wants to extend the reservation
  • Minimum and maximum rates- if a peak period is entered during the date range of the booking.
  • As alterations to the booking are made, the Rez Details quote screen is dynamically updated to reflect the combination selected.
  • Press the submit button to make the reservation and add your client details in the Guest Folio panel.

Reservation Quote Button

The Rez Quote is useful for phone or walk-in quoting.

  • Select the Unit Type and highlight/drag the required date range from either grid view.
  • Note that a Pencil-In can be created from here as well and it will block online inventory also.

  • Press the ‘Rez Quote’ button on the Chrome Bar Action Header – this produces a Standard Occupant-Base Rate Quote on the Unit Type, for the number of nights selected.
  • To convert the quote to a reservation, click the ‘New Booking’ button at the bottom left of the Quote Panel.

  • The Guest Folio panel will display, where you can add a guest, update occupants, change rates or include offers or discounts to the Quote. When you are finished, hit the Submit button to save the booking to the grid and make a payment.