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Improved Calendar Quote Tool

Calendar Quote Tool – Booking Process The Calendar Quote Tool has been updated to improve the Booking Process – creating large group bookings has been made quicker. The + and – symbols have been replaced with a free form numeric field. Previously, you would have to click on the + symbol for the number of units required in the booking; […]

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Ticket Search Panel

When the Ticket Module have been enabled, an additional panel – Ticket Search is available to view purchased Tickets.  1) Columns within the Ticket Search Panel Sel – allows the operator to select a ticket, multiple tickets or all tickets for printing purposes. Sold – displays the date the ticket was sold/purchased. Date – displays […]

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Viewing Notes & Tasks

Client Task/Note List in RezExpert will allow managers and staff to view the created Tasks and Notes for Units and Clients. 1. Adminstrative To view all the Notes and Tasks, click Admin from the Menu Bar. Expand Adminstrative and select 12. Client Task/Note List. This will display both Client and Unit Tasks and Notes. 2. Search Parameters Date […]

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Adding Notes and/or Tasks

RezExpert allows you to create and assign unlimited amounts of Notes and Tasks to a Client, Employee or Unit Type. Staff will be able to assign and track notes, whether it is the manager assigned a task to an employee or for Housekeeping/Maintenance purposes. NOTE: This is an additional RezExpert Module. To enable, please call your […]

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