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Recalc Button within the Guest Folio

The Recalc button is available to quickly recalculate the charges on a reservation, if there has been a change in the Unit Type rates, Occupant Rates and/or Tax Values. NOTE: This is an additional Module, please contact your RezExpert Tech Support to enable. Recalc Button Availability  Cash Accounting: The Recalc button is available at any […]

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Rez Payment Status Colours

You can have the option of having grid colours of a reservation be deteremined by Payment Status (i.e. Partially Paid, Fully Paid etc) over Booking Status (i.e. Unit Assigned, Unassigned). 1. Enabling Payment Status To enable Reservation Colours to be determined by Payment Status, rather than Booking Status: Click Setup from the Menu bar, expand Business Setup and click 1. […]

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