Quickly Move a Reservation on the Availability Grid

There are multiple ways to quicklty move a reservation – change the Unit/Site #:

  1. Select the reservation on the Availability Grid
    ?- On the Till Tape, click on the Unit hyperlink.
    If the reservation is unassigned, hyperlink will display Unassigned – Assign.
    If the reservation is assigned, hyperlink will display {Unit#} – Move.
    ?- After clicking the hyperlink, the Available Units box will appear with the available units.
    – Select the required unit and press Select to confirm.


  1. Right Click select the reservation on the Availability Grid – the Right Click menu will display.
    – Select Move Reservation.
    The Available Units box will display to select the required unit. 
    – Press Select to confirm.



NOTE: If the reservation needs to move Unit Types, open the Guest Folio to select the required Unit Type.