Rez Payment Status Colours

You can have the option of having grid colours of a reservation be deteremined by Payment Status (i.e. Partially Paid, Fully Paid etc) over Booking Status (i.e. Unit Assigned, Unassigned).

1. Enabling Payment Status
To enable Reservation Colours to be determined by Payment Status, rather than Booking Status:
Click Setup from the Menu bar, expand Business Setup and click 1. Business Info
Click on the Preferences tab

Tick on the setting Payment Status has priority over Booking Status on Grid?








2. Grid Colour Legend
Click on the Utilities button on the Availability Grid to access the Grid Colour Legend – to see the current colour selection assigned.
Colours can be changed within Setup > Theme Editor > RezExpert Console > Grids.






TIP: The Reservation Symbols will tell you the Booking Status of the reservation, regardless of the reservation's current Payment Status (or Alert assigned).

# – Reservation is Unassigned
No Symbol – Reservation is Assigned
* – Reservation has been Checked In. (Checked Out Reservations will also display this symbol).