Setting up Products to sell on your Online Booking Interface

Products can be created to be available when customers book online.
NOTE: This is an additional Module, please contact your Tech Support to enable.

  1. Setup
    To create products to be available, click Setup from the Menu Bar. Expand Business Setup and select 9. Products and Services
    If you wish to make a current Product available online, you will need to recreate the Products under a different Product Label (name).
  2. Creating the Product
    Click Add.
    Label: Enter in the name of the Product.  If the product has already been created, you will need to enter in an alternative label for the online version of the product.
    Product Group: Select Online Products
    GL Type: Revenue Only
    Online Max Qty: Enter in the maximum quantity of the product that the customer can order online.
    NOTE:  The Max Qty needs to be at least 1 to make the Product visible online.  If the product becomes temporarily out of stock, change the Max Qty to 0.
    Taxes: Tick on the appropriate Tax value for the product.
    Change Control and press Submit to finalise the new Online Product.
    Repeat the procedure with all the products that you want to offer online.
  3. Entering in the Online Product Rate
    Click Setup and expand Pricing and Rates. Select 4. Product Rate Setup.
    All Online Products rates are to be entered into the Regular rate tab.
    Expand out the Online Products group, by clicking on the + symbol.  Enter in the Product Rates into the New Rate column.
  4. Assigning GL Codes
    After the Products have been created, the GL Codes need to assigned to ensure accurate reporting.
    Click Setup from the Menu Bar and expand Admin/Accounting, select 1. General Ledger.
    Create new GL Codes or assign current GL Codes to the Online Products. Setting products for sale