Setting up a Separate Last Day Charge

A Rez Fee can be created to automatically charge an Extra Day's charge to the reservation. The fee will be calculated off the (selected Rate Group's) Daily Rate for the selected Unit Type of the reservation. This Rez Fee can be set up to be a separate Invoice Charge to the Reservation Fee. This will allow operators easily reverse off the Rez Fee, within the Charges/Payments tab of the Guest Folio, if the fee is not required. This setting is ideal for Kennels/Catteries Last Day Pick Up charge. Separate Rez Fee Invoice 1) Setup Select Setup and expand Business Setup to select 8. Unit Type Policy Editor. Alternatively, from the Menu Navigation button, click on the Setup tab and select Unit Type Policy Editor. Click on the Rez Fee tab.
Click Add to create a new Rez Fee. Label: Enter in the name of the Rez Fee i.e. Last Day Pick Up.
Select Separate Onto Own Invoice if this reservation fee is to be separated out/reversed off if not required.
Adjust the Policy Applicability and Date Range at Check In if required.
Rez Fees: Select the Number of Nights field and enter in 1.
Tick on Apply After Tax.

Click on the Menu Navigation button, click on the Setup tab and select Product Setup.
Expand out the Reservation Fee and select the Rez Fee just created.
Tick on the required Tax.
NOTE: Remember to assign a GL Code in Admin/Accounting > 1. General Ledger to ensure for accurate reporting.

2) Guest Folio Once created, the Rez Fee will automatically apply to new reservations (that meet the Policy Applicability/Date Range set). At time of Check Out, if the Rez Fee is no longer required, click on the Charges/Payments tab and click on the Rev next to the Rez Fee to reverse off the invoice.

Click here to download PDF: separate-one-day-rez-fee-setupimage952