Setting up Google Analytics in RezExpert

Google Analytics gives you a better understanding of your website guests and their behaviour.

There are so many benefits of using Google Analytics – see how people are finding your website, what they are doing when they are on your website, find out what the most popular pages on your website are and many more. 


Google Analytics is a free online analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports your website traffic, providing you with a wide variety of information about the activity that takes place.  Introducing your Google Analytics code into RezExpert allows for you to better track and report on your RezExpert Online Booking pages statistics such as website visits, booking conversion rates etc. 

Set up Google Analytics:

To set up Google Analytics:
1. Go to
2. Create an account – click Start for Free.

Enter in the required information into the New Account section:
– Track:  Website
– Account Name: Name of your Business
– Website Name: Enter in your website URL address
– Select your Industry Category
– Select the required Reporting Time Zone.
Once all information has been entered, click Get Tracking ID.

The Tracking ID is your own unique Google Analytics Code/ID. 

Entering your Google Analytics Code/ID into RezExpert

Within Theme Editor, you can enter in the Google Code.
Click on a Menu button, select the Setup tab to scroll down and click on Theme Editor
(Alternatively, click on the Setup button from the Menu Bar. Expand the Preferences on the left to select 1.Theme Editor.)

Within the Theme Editor panel, expand the Online Booking Page side list and click on Analytics.
Enter in your Google Code. 
Google Analytics will not report on your RezExpert Online Booking pages. Please allow up to 48 hours after submitting for the collection of all data within your Google Analytics dashboard. 

Click here to download the Setting up Google Analytics in RezExpert pdf

Click here to find out more on Google Analytics reporting and dashboard.