URL Exports for Unit Types

Unit Type URL Export for Book Now buttons on the website

Unit Type specific URLs will allow your webmaster to update your existing (or now add additional) Book Now buttons which would allow a guest to go directly to make a reservation for that specific Unit Type. 

Click any Menu button. Click on the Admin tab and select URL Export in the Administrative section.







Website Book Now buttons

On your website, you can embed each Unit Type URLs behind the Book Now  buttons listed next to your Unit Types.
If you are not the website master, you can pass on the URLs to them for action. There is a Print and an Export option available (on the top right of the panel) to print or export out the URLs.





Guests clicking on an Unit Type Book Now button 

After your Unit Type URLs have been placed onto your Website, when a guest clicks on a Book Now button next to an Unit Type, the Online Booking page will direct them to that Unit Type's online Availability Grid. 
The Unit Type Online Booking interface has a different layout to the All Types Online Booking interface and can't be adjusted within the Online Settings tab of 1. Business Information. 

Click here to download the PDF Help Document