RezExpert – Using a Webcam to get your Client Images

Client Images can be uploaded to store in their Client File for identification purpose. This document will explain how to use your webcam to get the client images to upload.

– Webcam Software
Each webcam comes with software that you can install on your computer; downloaded usually from  a URL link or web address.
Download the software to your computer and install according to the instructions provided by the webcam software.

1. Capture Image
Open the Webcam Software application interface and capture the image of the client/pet/boat etc.
The image will be saved into a folder on the Computer or in your My Pictures folder, depending on the location you select or the Program default.

2. Uploading the Image
Within RezExpert, scroll down and expand the Client Editor panel to search for the Client.
Click Search and search for the client. On the right, click the Images button to upload the image. 
Click Upload within the Image Manager box.  Click Upload a file and select the image from the Webcam folder location.