Viewing Notes & Tasks

Client Task/Note List in RezExpert will allow managers and staff to view the created Tasks and Notes for Units and Clients.

1. Adminstrative
To view all the Notes and Tasks, click Admin from the Menu Bar.
Expand Adminstrative and select 12. Client Task/Note List.

This will display both Client and Unit Tasks and Notes.

2. Search Parameters
Date Options: Select between Made Date or Due Date.
Date Range: Select the date range required.
By Unit or By Client: Select the sort order for the Tasks/Notes to display in.
Clicking the Search button will allow you to search for a particular Unit or Client. (Clicking Clear will clear out the searched selection).

breakdown options

Breakdown Options:
All Categories: Set when the Note/Task is created. Categories are created in Menu Button > Setup tab > Admin/Accounting > Task Category Setup.
All Priorities: Urgent; High; Medium; Low – set when the Task/Note is created.
All Statuses: Active; Complete; Cancelled.
All Departments: Set when the Note/Task is created.

Employee Options: 
Assigned to Selected Employee: View an Employee's assigned Notes/Tasks for them to view/complete.
Created by Selected Employee: View the Notes/Tasks made by a selected Employee.
All Employees are listed in the Employee drop down selection.

Once the Search Parameters have been selected, click Refresh to view the Notes/Tasks that meet the Search Parameters.

viewing notes