Viewing your Guest List

View all confirmed and checked in reservations in your Guest list, on the Availability Grid.

Guest List

While on the Unit Availability grid, click the chrome button Guest List.

This will produce a list of reservations that are due to Check in today, and also current checked in reservations.

Guest List Display

The Guest List displays for each reservation – the status of reservation (Confirmed or Checked In), number of occupants and access to each reservation’s Guest Folio.
Occupant breakout and total number of occupants is also displayed.

Period of Time

To view the guest list for a period of time, drag the mouse across the dates at the top of the unit availability grid. Click Guest List.
This will produce a list of all reservations for that period of time.

Unit Number Guest List

Clicking on an Unit number will produce a list of all Upcoming Bookings and Pencil ins that have been assigned to that particular unit number.